Home and community based services.

We are Division of Developmental Disabilities, Office of Licensing, Certification & Regulation certified homecare provider. As a certified Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) agency we are qualified to provide the following services: Attendant Care Service and Respite Care Services. Guild Care Group’s Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) program provides you a professionally tailored care package which is designed to support your daily needs and activities while you stay home and live in your own community. Our professional relationship with you begins with a no-cost home assessment conducted by HCBS Program Manager:


What happens during our assessment?

  • Step 1: Getting to know you and your specific needs.
  • Step 2: Explaining and describing how our services will help you.
  • Step 3: Orientation and in-take between you and our direct care staff (caregiver).
  • Step 4: Commencment of services.
  • Step 5: Initial, periodic, and quarterly quality assurance inspection by our HCBS manager.


Our team is trained to support you in your home environment and community so, that services you receive make sense, are periodically inspected, and are above standards. We provide caregivers around-the- clock and there is no gap in service.
What does this mean?

If you ever received a call that your caregiver will not be coming to you and that tomorrow is the next time you see them, then you can understand the importance of having caregiver coverage without anxiety and frustration. Guild Care Group eliminates this inconvenience through our no-service- gap promise. What this means is that you will have care as scheduled, NO EXCUSES!


HCBS coverage we provide:

Attendant Care is defined by the Arizona Department of Economic Security as those services and actions which “…includes assistance with activities of daily life such as dressing, bathing, eating and mobility. This service is typically provided daily or several times a week.” Respite Care is defined by the ADES as, “short-term or intermittent care and supervision to provide rest and relief for the family member caring for a person who is elderly or a person with disabilities.”

If you are: 60 years of age or older, or 18 – 60 years of age with a disability and functionally impaired making you unable to perform activities of eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, not to mention using the bathroom, or limited by mobility, then we are here to help!


Direct Care Workers (a.k.a. Caregivers):

Guild Care Group knows how important it is to hire, train, and employ the right people. Our staff recruitment and retention program is rigorous, and we recruit and interview based on standards we deem appropriate and on the premise that, a well-paid individual who is professionally trained and who enjoys his or her job, will ultimately take pride in work they perform.

Our Direct Care Staff/Direct Care Workers (DCW) are background checked and cleared by the State of Arizona and trained and certified by our company. Our Caregivers have a clean driving record which we review annually because we know safety does not begin and end at home, but continues on the road. Whether we are providing group homes or service under our HCBS program, ALL Guild Care Group service are APPROVED BY THE STATE OF ARIZONA.


Upon completion of recruitment and hiring, each caregiver goes through a training and certification regimen created, implemented, and managed by our Administrator and Training Leader in the following areas:

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Prevention and Support
  • Article 9
  • DCW Level 1 (Training to work with the Elderly)
  • DCW Level 2 (Training to work with Individuals with Developmental Disabilities)


In fact, we have created our own training program under the Guild Care Training, LLC to address our training needs, and those of our fellow caregivers in the industry. Please visit and let us know your thoughts. www.guildcaretraining.com

We can fill this page with more pertinent answers, but will leave it here, and give you time to connect with us and allow us to meet and discuss your needs.