The Right Place and Space

Guild Care Group, LLC was established in 2014, with the mission to provide safe, healthy and active homes to the young developmentally disabled adults. Our emphasis is on those requiring nursing support, the physically disabled and/or hearing impaired. Our homes are safe and clean, providing a healthy, happy and productive environment where each individual thrives and their quality of life is visible. We encourage our members to actively participate in their home as we strive to socially include them in the community of their choosing.

All Guild Care Group homes are owned by us as it facilitates our ability to ensure they are maintained and managed to our standards. Our preference not to rent or lease stems from a desire to ensure quality facility maintenance, timely repairs and freedom to make improvements without restrictions so our members enjoy greater freedom of movement and choice.

The Right Place and Space
When choosing any type of residential home, we consider many things such as suitability for safety and comfort, not to mention services that fulfill individual requisite needs such as medical care or personal attention. When Guild Care Group, LLC was established, these factors were carefully considered to become the cornerstone in premier care for our members.

Our main goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our members. In addition, we have gone above and beyond to ensure that our members enjoy a premier quality of life that makes every day living the best our home and community can offer.

As you explore our website and homes, you will see the latest technology and furnishings that makes a unique impression. It is not only important that we comply with health laws in cleanliness and services, but that our members feel proud and happy of where they live.